Tuesday, March 15

the "twosie"

When I decided I wanted to learn how to embroider and applique a little over a year ago I hit up some books and some very knowledgable friends. My friend Lisa first introduced me to the miracle known as fusible webbing. I mean seriously. This stuff basically turns a piece of cloth into an iron-on "sticker". You cut it out to your desired shape then use a heated iron to attach it to the fabric. I've heard that it's possible to end the process here, but in my own experience (especially for projects you're actually going to use or wear) I've found it's important to secure the applique with hand-stitching or machine-embroidery. My weapon of choice? The zig-zag stitch.

Over the past year these techniques came in handy to embellish several crafts like a quilt, a bunting banner, note cards, quillows, and a tote. Recently I thought it might be really cute to repurpose lightly used onesies by using applique to create a whole new look. My thought was to design an appliqued onesie and pair it with matching cloth baby shoes. The whole set would be called the "twosie". Wouldn't that be a great idea for a baby shower gift? And as an added bonus it would prove very inexpensive to make, especially if the onesie was a hand-me-down.

On Friday I got a bag of hand-me-down onesies from Sarah. And on Saturday I was asked to make something to donate to the annual youth group auction at my dad's church. By Saturday night I had designed and crafted my prototype twosie. The snail theme was Luke's idea and I rather like it. It's meant to be gender neutral, but I suppose it's leaning toward boy-ish. That's ok though. If we have a girl I'd totally let her wear it.

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  1. I would totally wear that. And I would enjoy it. And I'm a girl.