Wednesday, March 16

long haul trucker

Another onesie refashion! And this one is for the Little Oyster. Luke and I like to bike. At some point several months ago I did a quick embroidered version of Luke's olive green Long Haul Trucker but wasn't sure what to do with it after finishing. Consequently it went into a box where I found it in the midst of packing for the upcoming move.

Well obviously I had to take a 20 minute packing hiatus to trim the fabric, iron on some fusible webbing, attach it to the front of another adorable hand-me-down, and zig-zag the edges with some gray thread.

Upon completion I glowingly announced to Luke that the baby would wear this onesie home from the hospital. Then he very astutely pointed out that this particular onesie is made to fit a 3-6 month old. At that point I imagined giving birth to a baby the size of an average 6 month old and conceded that the Little Oyster doesn't have to rush into this particular outfit and I can be patient.

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  1. yes, joy, speaking as one who has given birth to a 6-month-sized baby, i wouldn't recommend it. mine average 2-3-month-size, and that is quite nice. :o)