Tuesday, March 9

quilted cards, version 2

Some more quilted note cards! These are my two newest card sets, made with a mix of embroidery and applique.

The bird set is called "Bright Wings", which I named for a poem called "God's Grandeur" written by Gerard Manley Hopkins in 1918. The "Taste of Leaves" thank-you set gets its name from a poem called "Tea" by the writer Leslie Harrison. And it is so lovely that I will include the poem in its entirety:


Nearly dawn, I’m watching the trees

march out of night, surround again
this house; the dogs

twitch in final dreams; the stove—
this orange, unsteady heat and black iron box

breathes warm mirage into the cold,
into the sky; the yellow enamel teapot
does the same inside.

The tea leaves in their white paper pouch
in their skyblue mug—I’ve brewed thousands of cups

like this: wood house, wood fire, the woods
leaning out of the night, of their stubborn life,

the taste of leaves
hot on my tongue.


  1. I love your blog. Those cards are amazing!! What's your etsy store name?

  2. Thank you! The cards are lovely!