Monday, October 25

a harvest

Sarah is at it again: inspiring me and filling me with ideas of splendor and greatness. A few months ago we came across some "green" or "eco friendly" toys that were very very cute. For some reason we were both drawn to (and terrified by) the plush vegetables with faces embroidered on them. I mean, a lot of people already have a complex about eating animals (who, as you may have noticed, also have eyes and mouths), so why confuse young children even more by personifying their produce?! I think that unless you're going to raise your children as Jains, leave the cute faces off their veggies.

Anyways, in my (somewhat embarrassingly eager) excitement about sewn/stuffed produce I embarked on a cyber-hunt for instructions and ideas to fill a little green farm basket I found at an antique store. My original plan was to use old cotton fabric scraps for the veggies, but when I came across the LittleCrickets shop on Etsy, I was quickly convinced to try it with felt. Before I found LittleCrickets I didn't know felt could be used for anything more than Halloween costumes and Sunday School flannel boards!

The rest of the process was pretty un-extraordinary. I purchased a bunch of felt in varying bright colors, learned how to do a blanket-stitch, and whipped up a virtual cornucopia on a few lazy afternoons. Around the same time my mother showed up with a box of fabric remnants she scored at a yard sale and I was thrilled to find a red and white checkered print to create the consummate picnic napkin accessory.

(Luke and I probably need to wash our windows)

So Sarah's little guy, Sam, turned 1 this month. All his friends and loved ones gathered in an orchard on a cool autumn day to celebrate his milestone (and his incredible pumpkin hat). It was the perfect day to gorge on apples and the perfect day to gift a harvest.

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