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Self-Portrait: fabric, applique & embroidery
When I was 12 my mother walked me through the process of making a baby quilt for a new cousin.  The entire process- from perusing the fabric choices in the old Mennonite shop to hand knotting the quilt together- made me beyond giddy.  My love affair with the needle and thread continued until college, when I got distracted by academics and travel and a fellow named Luke.

Other than receiving the gift of life with Luke, our marriage in 2009 also included a gifted sewing machine (which was likely intended to add to our marital bliss, but has also proven a major distraction).    This blog came about as a place to visually archive the things I was learning during this sewing renaissance, and has expanded to include little tidbits of early motherhood (as well as gratuitous amounts of photos of our little Wren), and a bit of reflection on life as I've seen it.  I hope you enjoy what you see/read/watch here!  I'd love to hear from you!

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