Monday, August 19

a smattering of projects

Remember that resourceful little shelving unit Luke made in the winter?  After all the seedlings left their warm window nook to brave the elements out of doors, I inherited the shelf which has now become the centerpiece of my new-and-improved sewing corner!  I shudder to think about how this space was organized a few short weeks ago.  Just think boxes.  Stack and stacks of boxes that I had to sift through any time I tried to sew.  But now!  I can see the fabric!

And just in time too, I'd say, because I have had a bunch of great new projects on my to-make list, and the improved space makes it so much more manageable!  
I've been working on several commissioned things these days and I'm reveling in the chance to learn new sewing tricks.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a quirky appliqued onesie, but there is something so energizing and refreshing about branching out and trying something different.
Like a sweet reversible bonnet!  This design is for a good friend whose little girl turns 1 very soon.  I had some sizing issues, meaning that the original bonnet I made was large enough to fit an adult head:
Special thanks to my bearded roommate for modeling (so graciously) this large, adorable, large bonnet!
But we got it sorted out and now that little girl will celebrate her very first birthday in a autumnal bonnet (with a better fit) and matching onesie.
Another little girl got an appliqued chicken with a matching tiered skirt!  I think this type of design might show up in the shop some time soon.  Especially once I get my hands on the serger that my mother is passing along.  Which reminds me, do any of you know how to use a serger??
Here's a big-kid shirt made for a little tree-hugger (Not this little tree-hugger, but she agreed to let me photograph her trying it on for size).
I also had a lot of fun working on sets of matching bibs and burp cloths for a cousin-in-law, Lacey who recently has become a certified doula!  These are going out as gifts to the little ones and their parents.  Virginia folks, you should look her up!
And finally, a toddler's drawstring backpack made for someone whose little girl loves zebras.  I found this bright, gorgeous cotton print (Echino by Kokko) through the glory of Etsy's search feature, and lined it with a pink quilting cotton to add some sturdiness.  These bags have been my go-to 1st birthday gift for my nieces, and Wren got one too.  I'm glad another little one will get to tote around all her most beloved treasures on her back.

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  1. great projects joy! love that little chicken onesie :)
    i do have a serger and i am sure you will love using one. i would say just really practicing threading it and watch some youtube videos if you are frustrated--or email me :)
    happy sewing!