Monday, July 29

a sewing interlude

cousins, new skirts and secrets!
I have a dry erase board hanging beside my sewing table where I keep track of all the projects I am working on/should be working on in the near future.  Usually they are numbered in order of importance (ie. commissions first, stuff for the shop and the other shop and the market second).  And perpetually down at the very bottom is the stuff I want to make for no reason except the pure excitement of trying something new for someone I love.  With a full and happy schedule, and summer weather beckoning us outside everyday, it is rather rare that I get anywhere near to the bottom of that list.

But this weekend I found myself with a free afternoon and a list that simply read "Something for Wren".

Hilariously, the entire time I was sewing something for her to wear, she was running around the house completely nude, except for a pair of socks and a floppy hat.  
Regardless, I rejoiced greatly to step away from the onesies for a day and dig into some adorable cotton prints that I have been waiting for an excuse to use!  Especially that farm scene (called Farmstead by Michael Miller) which I happened upon unintentionally while surfing Etsy one day last month.  I am a sucker for farm paraphernalia and knew that it would go to good use. 
I used the Simple Skirt tutorial on Made, and liked the two tier look.  I added a layer of brown seersucker as the second layer, and even took her advice to use the selvage edge of the fabric so I didn't have to hem the bottom edge at all.  The tutorial is so straightforward and truly simple, that I was able to finish it in less than an hour.  And with a bunch of extra time on hand, I decided to make a second while I was at it.
Wren refused to wear either of the skirts upon their completion.  She (loudly) opted instead, to remain naked.  I thought it was a lost cause until her cousin, Emma, came over and was eager to model for me.

Not only did Emma convince Wren to get dressed, but that 3-year-old had me blushing with all her compliments and excitement.  And after she noticed all the details, like the pink bias trim, and OOooohed-and-AAaaahed appropriately over the rosebud cotton and brown and white polka-dots, I sent the skirt home with her.

The girls are thrilled to 'match' and I just love to see their eagerness and energy for all things.  I love watching them grow as friends and playmates.  I love watching them learn together.  And I love that those two are complete opposites in personality, but are allies and buddies just the same.


  1. Fun stuff, cute girls, great shots, and beautiful skirts! Nice! Really well done all around. I enjoyed reading.

  2. Love this post! Great pictures, beautiful skirts and without "tags" to boot! Mom B.