Sunday, July 3

oysters, puffer fish, cats and foxes

The midwife says I need to take it easy, stay out of the heat and keep my feet up as much as possible (it turns out that people weren't kidding around about retaining water during summer pregnancies- the midwife also consoled me by announcing that she has seen many 'puffer fish' coming into the office lately). This all sounds lovely, but is proving to be annoying. There are only so many things I can do while resting with my feet up without feeling like my brain is rotting. So imagine my delight when I came across a free pattern to make some stuffed animals. I won't lie and say that my feet were up the whole time, but between the hand-embroidery, stuffing and hand-stitching, it made for a relaxing, de-puffed afternoon.

Allow me to introduce you to the Little Oyster's new pals: a fox and a cat. Luke is calling the stuffed cat "Udders". I'll let you figure out that one. The fox is yet to be named, though I am more than open to suggestions.

I told my mom that making stuffed toys is a nice way to bide the time until the baby's arrival. But then we decided that the baby will probably really like a pile of stuffed animals, and it's entirely possible that he/she knows that the longer he/she waits me out, the more toys he/she will amass. Therefore maybe I need a new plan.

So today is another hot day, and we are brainstorming creative ways to stay cool and keep my feet elevated, while simultaneously getting stuff done. I tried washing some dishes but sliced my finger on the cheese grater. Then I thought I might put some safety locks on some cabinets around here but got annoyed with that whole process. I should probably vacuum, but that will inevitably make me sweaty and puffy. SO I think we've decided to stop with the nesting for today and head to a creek where we can lounge, read, and wade. And maybe afterward I can talk Luke into some ice cream. I think that will do the trick.

Happy Sunday!

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