Monday, July 11

cousins and cats

This is my niece Cali. She's 5 months old, she's cuddly (those cheeks!) and she's cute (those eyes!). And I couldn't resist bestowing upon her the very girly and very adorable "Udders the Cat" stuffed animal I made last weekend. My sister informs me that Cali is bonding with Udders quickly, and mainly by means of sucking on his kitty ears.

It fills my heart with pleasure to know that Udders is being loved in his new home, though there was a very obvious void left around here in his absence. I decided to sew up a second stuffed cat to keep around for the Oyster, and I allowed Luke to choose the colors. He requested red and in a fabric that is not 'too formal'. I laughed and asked for some guidance because I'm not really sure what that means. So he rifled through my fabric scraps, vetoing the ones that were 'too formal' for our family's stuffed cat, and ultimately we were agreed on the reddish circles. I hope it came out casual enough!

Here is our very own kitty (Twinkle Toes) passing the summer afternoon alongside my favorite childhood toy (Pinkie). I think our little one will have plenty of 2-D stuffed toys upon his/her arrival! Which reminds me, this week marks the 40th week of pregnancy. I suppose it's really only matter of time now!

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  1. Laura (Kendig) NissleyJuly 11, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    Joy your sewing is wonderful, the cat is adorable!! Good Luck with your delivery and your soon to be bundle of joy :)