Thursday, October 14


Today is Silly Lilly's 5th birthday! Five very energetic, expressive, creative, affectionate and talkative years. I hear that Lilly loves to help her mom around the house, especially in the kitchen. So when I found this free kid's apron tutorial, I decided to gift her with the ultimate in kitchen fashion. And of course no fledgling chef would be fully prepared without her very own oven mitt.

Lilly is infamous for inventing what is known as the "hug-a-ria". Simply put, a hug-a-ria is a surprising, and intense (I dare say epic) hug that she could hit you with at any moment. We all live in anticipation for hug-a-ria's, and secretly hope it is a trend that takes humankind by storm- the first of many contributions this crazy kid will make to our crazy world.

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