Tuesday, August 10

Goofy Geese for Silly Lilly

I have been wanting to try one of those sack-like pillowcase dresses I've seen on many-a-sewing blog. It's hard to imagine a cuter and simpler way to use an old household item. Knowing my deepest desires, Alyson picked up this vintage pillowcase at an antique store in July and implored me to craft it into a little girl's dress.

It took only 2 nights to embroider a couple of goofy geese, sew in strips of elastic at the chest, and then run some ribbon through the arm holes for straps. I also added a line of ribbon right above the hem to create some continuity between the bottom of the dress and the top. I love the contrasting colors in this project, and how the dress feels kind of like a burlap sack got a hip makeover.

Obviously this dress was intended for my incredibly hip niece, Lilly. No doubt she will rock it out with her cute sandals and bangs in the summer, and wear it with a turtle neck and some cool leggings in the winter. That's just how she and her style-loving parents roll!

With that said, I have to offer my apologies to Corey and Brady (my equally as hip nephews). I promise that as soon as I can brainstorm an awesome sewn thing that 9 and 11 year old boys aren't embarrassed to receive, I will craft it diligently. Until then I hope they'll accept candy and noogies as my gifts of love!

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  1. How about a pink rabbit outfit for Christmas. Ralphy liked it.