Sunday, October 17

for her, for him

(Special thanks to my work-place models Cody and Alyson. They sure know how to take an apr-ON to an apr-OFF-THE-HOOK.)

Ok, obviously this is my fourth 'apron' post in under a year. In turn I am forced to the consider the existential realities of aprons and why I can't stop churning them out. What I have decided on the matter:

a) They are like a blank canvas. You can make an apron say anything you want depending on the cut and the fabrics you choose.

b) They are universal. People of all ages and all genders need to protect their clothing from stray splashes and chunks of cookie dough.

c) They are nostalgic. Whenever I don an apron I can't help thinking of times passed alongside my mother or grandmother.

d) They are simple. And I like simple.

So here is my newest apron creation, designed for a dear cousin's bridal shower. The main idea for this 'his and her' project was that both my cousin and her husband might be equally prepared (and fashionable) for kitchen duty. I took some more artistic liberty on this one, blending some of my favorite features of aprons past.

Using a basic apron pattern as a template I made it reversible instead of turning in the edges. On 'her' side I used a great blue and brown floral print and added the oven-mitt-shaped-pocket that has become a trademark of my apron creations. For 'his' side there is a coordinating brown solid with a very manly rectangular pocket in navy. Now, I am no chauvinist, so Melissa and John are absolutely entitled to switch it up and use the opposite sides. I just thought I'd help them out, just in case.

Furthermore, in honor of my cousin and in memory of my grandmother I thought I'd share a classic family photo from 1996, or thereabout. Grandma is to the left of Mammaw (my great-grandmother) front and center. The soon-to-be-wed Melissa is the one with the sweet bangs (3rd from the right, back row). And I'm the one in plaid and the Mary Travers hair cut.

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