Wednesday, March 10

Rushbin Raccoon

Yesterday I came across a Craigslist posting for a woman looking to get rid of 2 trash bags full of fabric remnants. So I took my bouncer for security purposes, and collected the free goods. I'm not gonna lie...we hit the jackpot! The woman was in her 60's and stopped sewing a decade or two ago. She apparently also had a tendency to stop sewing mid-project, and included several half-sewn and pinned items.

In amongst the purple crushed velvet, gold embossed flowers and upholstery remnants we came across this most astounding quilted sweatshirt. We can only assume it was a scheme to use up what turned out to be an extensive collection of paisley print fabrics. Naturally we decided that the only logical thing to do would be to finish quilting the loose edges and machine applique a gold and teal felt raccoon over the patterned sweatshirt. And that is how Rushbin Raccoon, our paisley-loving-woodland friend, came to be.

And of course, now my bouncer and I both have short stacks of fabrics to add to our collections, and heads full of new project ideas!

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