Thursday, March 4

good ideas

My recent infatuation with the concept of the "quillow" has heightened my awareness of the innovators among us, and I have a new-found appreciation for the creative souls who take the mundane and ordinary to create the exceptional. Namely, those who wed two very normal concepts into one hilarious product.

There was a genius out there, for example, who mused to his or herself, "Those with beards and mustaches have the warmest faces during the depths of winter's chill. How can more of us benefit from seasonal facial hair?" Using the simple formula: Wool + Hat + Beard + Mustache = the Beard Head, now each of us can face winter winds with confidence, warmth and facial hair.

Example 2: Camping is fun. Bears are terrifying. How can one sleep in the wilderness without fear or apprehension? Well, what if you yourself appeared to be a terrifying bear? Not only could you ward off unwanted animal predators, but you could also play hilarious jokes on your camping comrades. Thanks to Eiko Ishizawa of Amsterdam, looking like a bear while you sleep can be more than just a pie-in-the-sky dream.

Let these dreamers and schemers motivate us to make the world a better place with our own ingenious, laughable and functional hybrid items.

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