Wednesday, February 3

Mr. McGregor's Garden

I decided to pay homage to the ghosts of quilt-making past. That is to say, create a more "traditional" quilt, just to get a taste of it. I found this soft, endearing Beatrix Potter fabric at a local warehouse, and thought it would go beautifully in a traditional, country-looking quilt. In fact, this whole project always brings to mind my grandmother, who epitomizes the country, fable feel to me.

I have dubbed this quilt "Mr. McGregor's Garden", in honor of Peter Rabbit and his vegetation exploits. Paired with a Beatrix Potter boardbook, I think this quilt will make a lovely baby gift!

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  1. In honor of Luke, I am posting this comment. I think that a fitting name for this quilt would be, "To die, to sleep perchance to dream." Though from Shakespeare, included in some poetry from the Holocaust ( The pitures don't do the quilt justice. Love your quilts Joy!