Thursday, February 4

Quilting = Recylcing

I love hoarding all types of fabrics and bringing them out of retirement to complete any number of projects. I think quilting is a most resourceful means of reusing and re-purposing all genres of fabrics, and always feel gratified knowing that even the tiniest scrap need not go to waste!

I think the 'redemptive' nature of crafting is what really inspires me to create. I admire those who are able to take metal and wood and form something usable, useful and beautiful. It's not just their skill that I appreciate, but also their self-reliance. They use materials that are at their disposal, in their environment. And they negate any need to visit a mall or chain store to buy the same goods, shipped from miles away.

So here, for your viewing pleasure are my newest recycled goods: note cards that are hand embroidered and machine quilted onto old Christmas cards. Mostly they are shaped like post cards with the back side left blank for note-writing endeavors. I also embroidered "to" and "from" on the envelopes. Relatively resourceful ways to say hello!

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