Sunday, December 8

the second time around

On Friday morning Wren woke with glassy eyes and demanding to be held close.  I pulled her up into my bed and under the blankets, immediately noticing the feverish heat radiating from her little body.  For the rest of the day she stayed close to me, fading in and out, and muttering strange, humorous things in her sleepy state.  At one point we tried watching a Christmas movie, but in the two minutes that it took me to cue up the video, I turned to find her asleep sitting up.
I mentally cast aside the list of errands, chores and play dates we'd scheduled for the day, and adjusted instead to the more immediate needs of a sick little girl.  We spent the hours migrating around the house with a pile of blankets and books.  I held her and she slept.  I typed one-handed e-mails.  I held a novel with one hand and turned the pages with my mouth.  I fell asleep with her and woke with her.  During her naps I maneuvered to lay her down without disturbing her.  And I laughed to myself, remembering the earliest weeks and months of Wren's life, when so many hours passed in exactly this same way.  
I will admit I felt a bit of nostalgia for those days of so much sleepy physical proximity.  Wren is a cuddler, but she's also two, which means it's hard to get her to sit still for any length of time.
But I suppose I needn't reminisce too much, because come this May, we will get to do it all over again!
I'm currently 15 weeks along with the newest addition to our current trio.  It's been a much different pregnancy than the first one, with a lot more sickness and a lot more fatigue (hence my long hiatus from this space).  But this week has seemed like a bit of a turning point, and I am enjoying increased energy/interest in anything beyond laying in bed.
The other day Wren told some family friends, "I'm not feeling well because there's a baby in my belly."  That was a bit convicting, even if I know she was lying. :)
Today is Sunday.  Wren's fever broke yesterday and her unbounded energy returned.  Luke just took her to dig up some roots for a tincture and she is eager to hold the basket for him.  And as my own energy is returning, I'm catching up on some sewing and writing.
Luke shows Wren how to eat persimmon

All the while we're feeling eager and expectant about the many and varied changes that the coming year will bring.  And preparing ourselves to welcome a second little soul into our collective life.


  1. I just saw this post and want to send the heartiest congratulations to you! How exciting for you family. Take good care of yourself:)

  2. Thanks so much! We are feeling excited!