Tuesday, December 10

sewing when I can

Just stopping in with a few photos of some of the fun custom orders that went out from the shop during the Fall:
The first farm-themed set that I've made for a boy.  I'm thrilled with how this turned out, and hope to get something a lot like this listed again very soon.
And similarly, a gender-neutral set of matching garden onesies.
My sister recently attended a baby shower where the theme was the lullaby, "You are my Sunshine".  She asked for a set of onesies designed after the same song.
I made just one pair of reversible baby shoes to go with this set: one side matches the "sunshine" and when flipped inside out, the other side matches the "clouds".

And how about an adorable design for an adorable nephew (whose daddy drives a truck)!
Another crafty friend and I traded creative skills to make gifts for each other's childen.  In exchange for an adorable Memory game set (that Wren requests to play daily), I sewed up this Doorway Puppet Theater that she's giving to her toddler for Christmas.  I used a combination of this and this tutorial, and found it to be a quick, fun project.
Sorry to inundate you with such a random smattering of projects.  Perhaps I am simply reminding myself that I have done a bit more than lay around moaning during this pregnancy. :)  In reality I've focused much of my sewing energy in the past weeks on my family: getting to some of the things I really want to make for Wren (a post on sewing toddler undies soon to come!), and whipping up some Christmas gifts for other loved ones.
This means Wren's doll has a new wardrobe that she herself got to help design (Wren helped, not the doll).  
Ok, I have to run and embroider another custom "ant" before a certain someone awakes from naptime!

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