Thursday, July 11

in the summer, at day's end

Lately I've wished that I kept a baby book for Wren from the moment she breathed her first.  The younger, postpartum version of myself intended to journal in great detail instead of relegating lists of 'firsts' to a traditional baby book.  But, not surprisingly, I have not.
The list of 'firsts' grows even faster than she does.  She is three weeks shy of 2 years old and she exhibits big and passionate opinions (read: throwing fits), more obvious physical strengths, and brand new awkwardly strung-together complete sentences.
Perhaps most disconcerting is that I am beginning to hear myself in the things that she says.  Obviously some are tender and heart-warming as when she sat her pink rabbit on the toilet seat this morning: "You did great!  I love you so much, bud."  But some are a bit less flattering as when the summer heat gets to be a bit much: "It's so hot.  Let's lay down on the couch and take a break."
A massive squash plant bursts forth from the compost pile
Our summer is rolling by in a hot-humid-ball-of-sweat and my mind is busy.  Our little family and our extended community sit at the cusp of big decisions and inevitable changes.  As plans fall through and pan out as they will, I am surprised to realize how easily I forget to unclench and let go of any best laid schemes.  
And now I will share something just because it's lovely.  And though my heart and home are in the humid, deeply green northeast, I love this just the same:
This morning a splendid dawn passed over our house on its way to Kansas.  This morning Kansas rolled out of its sleep into a sunlight grandly announced, proclaimed throughout heaven, one more of the very finite number of days that this old prairie has been called Kansas, or Iowa.  But it has all been one day, that first day.  Light is constant, we just turn over in it.  So every day is in fact the selfsame evening and morning. -Marilynne Robinson

ps.  The shop is rife with new designs and items!  Hens, 18-wheelers, bucks, matching onesie sets, bikes, guitars, ties and ants, always with the ants!  And very soon, sewn greeting cards!  It would seem I'm out of my sewing rut for the time being.


  1. hey joy! never too late to write down the fun things that Wren is learning and doing! i've done the opposite...i've got a journal faithfully of lydia's first year but i really wish i had kept up more in the second year as she says so many funny and cute things.
    i hope you don't mind--i shared your etsy shop on my facebook. hoping it will bring some traffic to your page :) you're new items look awesome! you've obviously been working really hard!

    1. Exactly! Tonight Wren had a fit because she doesn't want her head anymore and I wouldn't take it off! Now THAT is a nice '1st' for a baby book! And of course I don't mind you spreading the word on FB...I really appreciate the vote of confidence :) Thanks Sarah!

  2. Is it wrong for me to be jealous of my granddaughter's beautiful curls?

  3. This is so great! Happy birthday to Wren, and I completely relate to the tantrums. SO funny, I have two older boys(young adult and teen) and I don't remember their tantrums matching hers. Oh my goodness, they had my daughter in mind when they coined the word "spirited!" I love her comment to her bunny on the toilet. Too precious.

  4. Love love love Marilynne Robinson. Come to IA and Kansas. Now.