Friday, April 26


Last month our little family unit spent a week in West Virginia. 
 We visited friends on a snowy mountain then drove east where the weather felt a bit more like spring.   Our time was spent hiking, reading, sitting by the fire, and consequently, not spending time online. 
That space was refreshing and necessary, and since then I've had a bit of trouble easing back into things like writing and sewing.
It is amazing how fast a month goes by, and how many things happen during that time.  Our part of the world is green now, colorful.
And this little girl is ever-more energetic and breathtaking (quite literally breathtaking; it's hard to keep up with her!)  At 21 months we see more and more glimpses of her personality coming out of that haze of baby-hood.  
I have noticed that in less than a week's time her clothes hang differently: too short where she has gotten taller, and too loose where her some of her baby fat has melted away.
And talking, talking, talking.  I think at this stage of development she uses language like a department store changing room.  She tries on every new word for size.  Repeating it over and over until it's just right.
It's feels like it's all going so fast these days.  A new season bringing changes and new energy.  And I think I could use another week off in the mountains of West Virginia to slow down and consider it all.

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