Sunday, April 28

an unusual sort of day

It's an unusual Sunday around our house.  Quiet, even.  The roomates are out for the day.  And shortly after breakfast Wren informed Luke that she was going for a walk.  They held hands and sauntered over a hill.  And they haven't returned for several hours.
Tea party in spring.
I waited about 10 seconds before I dashed up the stairs to the sewing machine and the pile of fun and colorful onesie orders waiting for some finishing touches.
I love this color combination for a custom order. 
Here Wren shows off her new dress made by the talented Etsy seller, Birdie B.  We picked up this gem at the consignment shop, and she requests to wear it daily!
As I sat down to upload some photos to the shop, I noticed a heap of lovely photos from the past few weeks that I saved to the computer but hadn't yet shared.  So in this rare quiet moment- and with the buzz of coffee/feeling productive- I am now choosing to write this most haphazard and random post.
In trying to keep up with a toddler and her energetic whims, I'm attempting to provide some creative outlets and new learning experiences.  Last week we made a homemade play-do recipe I found in a library book.  It made for a content and engaged couple of hours, as well as a gigantic mess!  Overall, I'd give it an A+.
And Emmie's burlap-embroidery-inspiration had me abuzz with excitement, realizing that Wren is becoming dexterous enough to participate in my sewing endeavors.  (Aside from her fascination with the sewing machine, as pictured in a previous post.)  I love this idea too!

I poke the needle up from the bottom, she pulls it out and then puts it back down through.  I grab it from the bottom and then send it back up to her.  It takes some time and patience on my part, but she thinks it's the best.  And so does my mom, since she received Wren's very first embroidery piece of all time for her birthday this month.  I thought it was the perfect gift for the woman who taught me to cross-stitch and maneuver a sewing machine just a few decades ago!
The finished product!

Despite her exuberance for these new artistic ventures, that girl can not be contained inside the four walls of this rented house.  And so on these bright, chilled, sun-filled April days, she is getting me out and in it.  And I'm grateful for the impetus.

There are some hikes and foraging expeditions with friends, especially on the weekends, when everyone is home from work.
But mostly we are on our own during the weekdays.  And that means meandering through the neighborhood at her pace and focusing on the things she finds utterly fascinating.  Like saying "HI ROBIN!" to every robin she sees.  Or scooping up piles of mulch at the playground.  Or jumping on sewers and manholes.  And spinning and circles.  Most days I feel like we're in one of those Family Circus comics:
When I was pregnant I read this post by Nici about how to spend time outside with kids.  It was a really helpful perspective, that I've tried to carry with me into motherhood.  The main point is to have no specific goal (distance, pace) in mind, and to listen to the child's cues about what they find interesting or when they need to rest.  These daily adventures aren't my work-out.  They are a chance for Wren to discover the world around her, with as much repetition and sensory experiences as she needs.
 And perhaps with a nap or two under a willow tree on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Your photographs show what an absolutely gorgeous area you live in. How lucky Wren is to be growing up there and with parents who encourage outdoor living! Thanks for the link love, btw!