Wednesday, January 23

warning: onesie overload

Are you sick of seeing upcycled onesies yet?  I'm can't imagine that Luke isn't, but boy is he a good sport!  It seems that if I'm not doing any of the normal, everyday activities that require my energy, I'm hunched over the sewing table sketching or ironing or stitching or ogling a new design.  It's fun and exciting for me, if not a bit exhausting.  

Today I had the very obvious realization that (of course) part of this renewed energy for creating (and in turn writing) stems directly from the fact that there are a handful of actual events that I am busily crafting for.  A few weeks ago it was the grand opening of my brother and sister-in-law's children's consignment shop.  And currently I am stitching and hoarding a host of sewn stuffs for a local craft fair (that everyone should check out for all your crafted needs, baby-related or otherwise)!  I'm also toying with the idea of throwing some of these onesies onto etsy, but in my typical fearful fashion I'm a bit nervous.  Do you people out there in cyber-world think these kinds of things would sell?
A commissioned design for my 'oldest' friend's sweet new niece!

Anyways, experimenting with new ideas is exactly what I love about working with onesies.  They're relatively quick little projects that look cute immediately simply because they're small.  And since many of the baby things I sell are meant as baby gifts, currently my challenge is to come up with more gender neutral pieces.  (Is it just me, or does it seem like more and more couples are opting to wait out their pregnancy to find out the baby's gender at birth?  We did the same thing and loved the element of anticipation and surprise!) 
A friend requested this design for her first baby who's gender was a surprise, and whose pregnancy involved a lot of cravings for dill pickles!
Right now some of my favorite designs are the ones incorporating unique prints from vintage fabrics, like the carrots pictured above.  I've got many more like these in my pile for the craft sale, but I won't force you to behold any more onesies today!  (Unless you demand it, then of course I'd have to oblige.)


  1. I demand more posts of crafts, onesies or otherwise!

  2. joy--i love love love the carrot one. so simple but definitely unique and you don't see things that cute in any stores. second favorite is the 'dill' one. i'm not a big fan of shirts with sayings on them but that one is cute.
    keep up the good work :)

  3. I love them, and I plan on purchasing some for my future baby due in September!