Tuesday, July 17

impending nuptials

On August 11th my oldest friend, Alyson, (it's not that she is old, it's just that we've been best of buds since we were 4 years old) will wed her love.  There are many reasons I have great joy and expectancy for August 11th: chiefly that she will at last be married to this man she loves so dearly.  But I'm also excited because she has impeccable style and her wedding day will be marked by an aesthetic that reflects deep family ties, simple and natural beauty, and a penchant to make things with one's own hands. 

The months leading up to her wedding have afforded me many opportunities to participate in the handmade goodness.  I designed, quilted and hand embroidered the invitations for her bridal shower that I'm dying to post here on the blog, but has way too much personal information and addresses for me feel comfortable doing that (I even tried to use a sharpie to black out the private details, but it just looked far too silly, resembling an actor who blacks out her teeth for the sake of a role).

But you know what I can show you?  How about a heap of tutus for a gaggle of flower girls?  More specifically, for 4 flower girls under the age of 4!  And apparently they'll all be nestled into a little red wagon.  I will post pictures, I promise.
I conducted a brief photo shoot with Wren modeling a tutu, which made for a cuter model than I had the last time around.

Though I have to admit she was a bit testier to work with.
And lest we forget, in our tulle-induced euphoria, that there is a wee ring bearer too:
More to come, as it comes!

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