Sunday, January 13

some light in January

When you meet, and hold love 
in your arms, regardless of all,
the unknown will dance away from you 
toward the horizon of light.
Our names will flutter
on these hills like little fires.
-Wendell Berry (from the poem Our Children, Coming of Age)
Wren came out of a week-long flu with all manner of new energy and curiosity and verbosity.  How fun to see the world unfold before her.  And how very exhausting!  Over and over I am awed by how quick and bright these little people are.

Even her sleep patterns have changed (as in she doesn't want to do it).  But let's be real.  That resting business impedes on the fun stuff.

Wren and Luke have matching hair.  I'm feeling just a bit left out.
My dad and Wren demonstrate a shared love for Elmo.
Last winter Luke and I struggled a lot with the short dark days (in our dark little apartment at the time), with a feeling of perpetual stuck-ed-ness, and an underlying loneliness that wasn't necessary logical, but was most definitely felt.  But this winter is different.  We moved into a new home and a new living situation in October, and that change has been unbelievably life-giving for us.  So at the same time that Wren is learning and discovering, our own energy levels are higher, our own excitement about the world and possibilities is heightened, and we too find ourselves in a nice rhythm of time spent with our friends and our families.

But unlike her, we still find sleep very enjoyable.  We're hoping she comes to her senses again sometime very soon!

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