Wednesday, May 11

young love and a tutu

Photo credit: Seung Chon

This weekend we celebrated the nuptials of our friends Becca and Brian who were wed on a riverbank on a perfect Sunday afternoon. These two are some of the most stylish and hip people I know, and no detail was left unnoticed as they planned their wedding. Obviously I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite details here, but I truly hope these two submit their photos to a wedding or design blog of some sort. This is the kind of event that people like me drool over to satiate our inexplicable obsession with weddings.

I was absolutely enamored with the antique dresser they used as an altar. The tiered drawers displayed recycled soda bottles and flower arrangements. And on top you can see the tree that they planted as a symbol of their unity. Just lovely!

All the flowers were beautiful, but I was especially drawn to the use of a cotton plant in both his boutonniere and her bridal bouquet.

Photo credit: Seung Chon

And of course, what idyllic wedding would be complete without an angelic flower girl with blond ringlets? Becca's niece served this role with the greatest of ease, totally rocking a grey glittered tutu that Becca commissioned me to make this spring.

Photo credit: Seung Chon

I was a bit nervous at first, having no pattern or previous experience making anything that would be worn for such a special event. But after googling a few tutu-making tutorials it became very obvious that it is a much simpler process than it seems. In fact there is only about 2 minutes worth of sewing, and the rest is entirely cutting and knotting! Seriously, anyone can make a tutu, and if you have a little girl who loves to dress up I highly suggest this simple and totally gratifying project!

Sadly, I was in dire need of a tutu model upon its completion, so I enlisted the help of the cutest person I've got around these days:

But I think Becca's flower girl took it to the next level of adorable:

Congratulations to the newly weds on their young marriage and beautiful wedding. Good times were had by all!

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