Thursday, March 1

remember Christmas?

Oh my goodness!  It's March you guys.  And here I am, just now, finally getting around to posting some of the projects that I gave as gifts at Christmas.  Yes, in more than 2 months ago. And I really have no excuse in this leap year, since I had the gift of an extra day and I've still been delinquent.  

Regardless, I had two sweet nieces on my Christmas list this (last?) year.  For the littlest one (only 2 months old at the time!) I made my first attempt at a 3D stuffed toy.  Using an old Women's Day book of patterns from my Mother in Law, some left over gray fleece, and scraps of quilt batting I came up with a soft, sweet stuffed kitty.  The face didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped, but overall I'm pleased with the outcome.

And for my energetic, active and creative 2-year-old niece (whose mother recently introduced her to the glories of dress-up clothing), a super hero's cape!  It's reversible so she can choose her alter-ego depending on her mood, and closes with velcro to make it easy for her to put on or take off.

I have two more Christmas gifts to show here and I promise not to wait another 2 months to share them!

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