Tuesday, September 13

positive feedback

Who of us doesn't love some affirmation once in a while?  Especially when you've worked pretty dang hard, that positive feedback means all the world.  It's a lot like when you have a mammoth crush on some dreamboat who, after months (or years!) of pining and wondering, asks you to go on a hike, and then asks you to take a picture with him in front of a frozen waterfall, and then grabs your hand unexpectedly, and there you are with the new realization that he thinks you're dreamy too.  Now that's some positive feedback.

I think Luke and I have been experiencing that self-same elated, satisfied, thank-you-jesus affirmation recently.  I mean, you give birth to a little oyster whose very life and well being relies on your very existence and you can end up feeling like a great big milk-and-cuddles-vending-machine.  But initially the only feedback that baby can possibly relay is a satisfied silence or else high-decibel reminders that she has needs.  But then one glorious day you look into her eyes, contort yourself to make some ridiculous face accompanied by an even stranger cooing noise, and quite miraculously she grunts and curves those baby lips into the most precious smile ever to grace the good earth.  I believe Wren thinks we're dreamy too.

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  1. I really, truly adore this post. I'm so happy for the two of you. Next time Mike & I are up your way, we'll try to stop by. Would love to catch up and see how you two (and little Wren) have been doing. Been praying for you (that restful nights and a happy baby happen as most frequently as possible).