Monday, August 22


Late in my pregnancy I really wanted to make the "oyster" a pennant banner much like the one for my niece last winter. The only problem was I wanted it to be done before the baby arrived so it could hang as a sort of "welcome home!" gesture, but that was hard because we didn't know whether we'd be welcoming home a boy or a girl. Rather than being logical and waiting, I essentially went ahead and made two different ones and hung the gender-appropriate name the first day Luke and I returned from our hospital stay. Wren's banner is a combination of solid colored cottons and plain old computer paper. You see, when I came across a hand-written and hand-illustrated alphabet book by the artist Edward Lear I knew I wanted to use it to decorate for the baby in some capacity. So I simply photocopied the letters in the names we'd chosen, sewed them to brown cotton and then sewed that to the colored rectangles. I sewed a quick binding and attached some strings to each end to tie to the nails in the wall, and we were in business.

Each letter in the alphabet comes with a little poem. I find them so unique and quirky and just perfect for hanging above Wren's crib.

Except these days she seems to prefer this magical vibrating chair passed along from Aunt Julie and Cali. Or my arms, which is why I'm typing this post with one hand. No matter, I'm enjoying her little bird-themed nursery-ette for her in the mean time.

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