Monday, May 2

indigenous wildlife populations and other musings

Week 30 is upon us! Thinking ahead to the Little Oyster's arrival I experience the strangest mix of emotions. If I had to put the feelings into a mathematical equation it would come out like this:

(We're going to have an adorable LukeJoy SO SOON! And I'll get to hold it and kiss it and change its diapers!) + (HOLY COW that is going to be painful and also my life is never EVER going to be the same!) = (!)

In our birthing class we talk a lot about how pregnancy and delivery can produce a natural "high" - that despite the pain and the discomfort our bodies are releasing endorphins and oxytocin in great quantities, which have a jubilant effect at times. It kind of sounds like they could be making it up to make us all feel better and calmer about what's happening in and to our bodies. But the thing is I actually know what they're talking about. Like sometimes I'm just sitting at work and nothing special is happening at all, but I feel all glowy and warm inside. No thoughts bring it about. And it isn't like I was experiencing an emotional high in the moments preceding. The sensation simply wells up inside me unexpectedly. How marvelous and mysterious!

An old friend from college gave birth to her first baby just a few short weeks ago, and from all facebook/photo/hearsay evidence there is more truth than myth to the new-mama-high. She looks absolutely aglow and natural with her infant son tucked away in her arms. To herald the arrival of the little guy a mutual friend commissioned a repurposed Twosie set.

As was the case with the original snail-themed Twosie, I consulted Luke for some creative advice. He vetoed giraffes and elephants on the grounds that this baby is from New England but safari animals are not indigenous to that part of the world. Ultimately we agreed that a squirrel would be an accurate representation of this baby's immediate natural world, and Alyson thought that the embroidered squirrel sketch I found was just plain adorable. So we were agreed.

Here's the little guy already snug in his new slippers. I'm guessing that he won't be into the onesie for a few more months, but I'm glad to see his toes are staying warm in the meantime!

And finally, I received word on Saturday evening that the auction at my dad's church plant was a success. And of course I was excited to hear that the snail Twosie was bid up to a nice price. That means at least two people liked it :) Also, imagine my sheer delight when I found out that the person who bought the set is a friend whose baby is due within a few days of my due date. Such camaraderie!

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