Sunday, February 6

Sunday Photo Session

Recently several friends sent me one of the best gifts I could ever dream of: photos of cute babies laying on/beside/wearing sewn items crafted by these very hands. Behold!

Becca's niece kicking her shoes off after a long day of being a baby

Emily's goddaughter lounging in safari style

Alyson's next-of-kin staying cozy and stylish

While I'm at it, I can't help but include this picture of Becca's niece at her first photo shoot this winter. I'm not exactly sure, but something about the scene makes it just about my favorite baby picture of all time. The snow, the old yellow chair, the bonnet, the baby posing just right- it's wonderful!

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  1. I saw your handiwork this past weekend in Aspen on baby Cayden! So cute!!