Saturday, February 12

Holy 1993!

This week I had some time to work on another cheap and simple project to prepare the way for the baby. For Christmas my mom and dad gave us this blue wicker rocking chair for the nursery. It's very sturdy and in great condition. Plus I'm a fan of wicker and a fan of rocking chairs. But when I first beheld the blue chair with its blue floral cushion my first thought was "Holy 1993!" In an ideal world I would've bought some dark brown spray paint for the wicker and then re-covered the cushion with some patchwork identical to the bedding I've been making for the crib (more on that to come!). But in an ideal world spray paint wouldn't have any VOCs, contain any toxins or come in an aerosol can. Thanks a lot reality :)

Since I'm not going to alter the chair's color I resolved to do the next best thing: get rid of the blue floral cushion. I found upholstery-weight chocolate brown linen that was 50% off last weekend, traced around the cushion and added 3/4" for a seam allowance, then stuffed the original pillow with lots of left-over quilt batting from old projects. So for under $4 we now have a lovely blue and brown, plush rocking chair that will still match the bedding and color palette of the baby's room (which will prove much more gender-neutral than blue and brown, I promise).

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