Tuesday, March 1

hippie mommy

I will admit that while the maternity pants refashion this weekend was highly practical and important, my true excitement lies in the next two refashions I have to share. Some relatives very generously passed along a bag of clothing (that's where the pants came from too!) when the pregnancy news began to spread. When I tried them on I quickly realized that there is a bit of a difference between "plus-sized" and "maternity". While the plus sized shirts draped nicely over my expanding stomach, they were loose and ill-fitting from the bust and up. But rather than feeling disappointed, I was excited. I suddenly had a host of brand new, beautiful, brand name blouses with a bunch of extra fabric to work with. So naturally I went straight to Google and found some free tutorials detailing how to turn big shirts into fancy maternity shirts.

Now, I wouldn't necesarrily describe myself as a person who has much (or any) fashion sense, but I do love me a flowy linen peasant shirt, especially one with embroidery! So this particular shirt was my absolute favorite in the bag. The tutorial I used came from my new favorite site, DIY Maternity by Megan Nielsen. I seriously feel like I hit the jack pot as far as a resource for my cost-effective maternity needs.

The re-fashioning process proceeded thus:

1. I put on the shirt (inside out), stood in front of a mirror and made Luke help me draw lines under my arms and along my bust where I wanted to re-sew the sleeves and bodice to fit me better. This worked well enough, though I used a different method for the same process on the next shirt that I will probably use more often (more on that to come!)

2. I added 3/8" to these lines for seam allowance then sewed along the lines, zigzagging the seams to secure them. I also turned under the sleeves by 1/4" and hemmed them to finish the top.

3. I measured my bra line, right under the bust and cut a piece of thin elastic that was about 1" shorter than my measurement (to create a gathered/elastic look). Then the shirt went back on (inside out) and I made Luke trace along my bra line with some sewing chalk so I knew exactly where to sew my strip of elastic.

4. I stretched the elastic to fit around the bra line and stitched it into place.

5. Then...ta da! A brand new, short-sleeved hippie shirt to wear throughout the pregnancy.


  1. I'm so glad you've been enjoying my site!

    And your top turned out soooo cute! Great job!!

  2. You look so good, Joy :) <3Pauline