Sunday, February 27

and this was scarcely odd because...

Quite unexpectedly this weekend turned out to be a quiet one at home with lots of time for a pile of sewing projects. We had planned to spend a few days with Luke's family, but unfortunately the nasty flu virus that's going around asserted itself on several relatives and we decided not to risk exposure. Instead I finally had a chance to: a) sew missing buttons back on a friend's shirt, b) mend a tear in my sister's pants and c) sew patches on a couple pairs of jeans for another friend. All that productivity gave me the adrenaline rush I needed to get to some of my own projects.

I've been waiting to make any maternity clothing for myself because I've been waiting to look pregnant. That is to say, I am currently 20 weeks along (half way!) and only now beginning to strap on the Bella Band and don some billowing maternity tops. But I got a good dose of reality the other evening when I walked by a full length mirror at a friend's house and beheld my expanding midsection. I officially appear to be with child- and I've heard that I'm only going to grow exponentially from here on out.

The time for maternity pants is upon us. So I chose a pair of khakis that still fit me in the thighs and rear but can no longer button at the waist, along with some stretchy jersey knit fabric, and followed this really easy, really great tutorial I found on one of my favorite sewing blogs. And remarkably, in less than 2 hours I have a pair of nice khakis that fit like the coziest of sweatpants. It's like a dream come true.


  1. Your pants turned out soooo cute!! Great job!

  2. FANTASTIC Joyous! <3Pauline

  3. most excellent! what a savings! and what fun! joyous, i *just* got a sewing machine after Christmas, and the little sneaks of time I get with it are just refreshing. (except for when I'm ripping out yet another seam, of course.)