Friday, October 22

all shall be well

"…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" Julian of Norwich

I have officially decided to consult a professional regarding my dress alterations. Ideally I'll be able to ask a slew of questions and learn a thing or two (in turn avoiding hacking apart my little black dress). So I am scheduled to meet with a local seamstress/tailor tomorrow morning, and I'm feeling a bit of a sense of relief.

Throughout this journey we call life many of my loved ones have chided me for my anxious and worrying personality. If someone is upset with me I can obsess over it and analyze it for ages. During significant life changes or decisions I'm effectively rendered useless for normal conversation or everyday routines. Even this dress-making/sewing process (which I love and it invigorates me!) left me feeling drained and unable to focus at various points this week. Sometimes fear or worry can paralyze me it seems, and honestly this is not the constant state of emotion I'd like to have in my life. I'm earnestly trying to discern real situations from the made-up hypotheticals in my head. And also trying to let go of things I a) cannot control or b) do not need to control. As my dear friends like to say "life is life", "tranquilla", "pura vida".

I'm looking forward to a slow-ish weekend and some time to step back and breathe. Perhaps these wonderful songs will also usher you into a calm and relaxed weekend:

a nice cover of a nice song:

suggested by Kat:

sent by Kristen ages ago:


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