Monday, September 27

we will keep them as our own

It's now officially autumn, and this morning it seems that the weather has begun to adapt to the new season. Personally I appreciate being ushered into the week with the calm and quietude that comes from a gray and cold, rainy morning. I'm drinking tea, listening to a mellow soundtrack, eating fresh baked bread, and thinking upon a month full of family, friends and excitement in October. Stay tuned for some fun posts about all that!

Despite the gloomy weather today we did have some moments of sunshine this weekend, affording me the opportunity to take some nice pictures on the front window sill (I have a very mediocre "point and shoot" camera that only performs well in the bright morning rays). I have been eager to share these bird creations for a week or so.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by dear friends who appreciate the economy of friendship and shared services. I don't know how to knit, and Becca prefers not to sew. So we decided to exchange adorable handcrafted goods. I am thrilled to be on the receiving end of this pair of birds, complete with twig beaks and legs (just look at the tiny green leaves that still survive on the end of the blue bird's feet)!

Originally I intended these to be a part of a baby mobile. However, marriage is teaching me that you must always be ready for changes and surprises. Like when I showed these birds to Luke and he said "Which one's mine? I want the blue one." Well then! Who would've thought that these small ornamental knitted birds would knock on the door to Luke's crafting heart. In that case, we will keep them as our own. And I apparently get the yellow one.

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