Sunday, August 22


Luke loves pie. It is his preferred dessert, his most frequent food request and on occasion he's cleverly manipulated me to make him a pie to satisfy the balance of the universe (like the time he told me that his extremely overdue sister would not give birth until her brother's wife [that would be me] made him a pie). It was no surprise, then, that while planning our nuptials last fall his first and most concrete input was that we would forgo wedding cake and opt for wedding pie.

This week is Luke's birthday and I thought that I should volunteer to bake his traditional birthday pie. If I remember correctly his mother usually concocts a delicious strawberry and/or peanut butter dessert, but this summer we have been absolutely obsessed with fresh peaches and I wanted to follow in that vein. I also had glorious visions of a lattice top browned to perfection. So I went straight to the source for authentic, warm, delicious, home-baked recipes - the interweb. Actually I found great instructions on for a) the peach pie, b) homemade crust and c) how to weave a lattice top.

Of course as the fragrant wonder emerged from the oven a photoshoot began. Personally whenever I think of a fresh-baked pie I can't help but picture a little boy stealing it as it cools on the windowsill. Here's my best attempt at documenting a hungry, greedy (somewhat frightening) little pie thief in the act:


  1. Luke looks likes he is in heaven! And your pie is a heavenly creation. Tonight mom and I enjoyed our annual tradition - apple dumplings and vanilla ice cream. Yum.