Thursday, July 22

Could it get any better?

Today I discovered the marriage of the world's two greatest (obviously up for argument) pleasures: quilts and coffee. During my daily Design Sponge meanderings I came across these amazing pictures from Thatcher's Coffee in Vancouver. The shop's entire aesthetic is simply charming, but personally I adore the use of old coffee-bean sacks as decor and upholstery. I mean, I have seen people hang bags like these on the walls, which is also a pleasing sight. But these people took the re-purposing a step further. Suffice it to say that I dream of the day when I can craft my very own quilt out of a stack of cloth coffee-bean and/or rice sacks.

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  1. Come and enjoy a cup of Galapagos coffee. This very special blend was released to Gold Card members and I bought some before it is released in the stores. Yum. We can drink it together and share our poems...Dad