Tuesday, June 8

The Maoist Lobster: a collaborative piece

When I was a junior in college I became good friends with a colorfully-skirted, socially-conscious, pensively-cheerful friend named Kate. In turn she introduced me to her colorfully-headbanded, globally-minded, intriguingly-dryhumored, and curlyheadedly-dreamy brother, Luke. I soon became fond of bombarding him with political and ethical questions while he was trying to study in the library, sharing tea and BBC news with him and mutual friends in an asbestos-y old house, and observing his affinity for ducks along the creek. Eventually he graduated, then I went to Costa Rica, then he went to South Korea and then I graduated and got a steady, full-time salaried position from which I was promptly laid off. So when he came home for sister Kate's wedding, and I was job searching, and he joked I might like teaching in South Korea, I laughed. Four months later I was in Korea. One year later we were totally in like. And last November we were wed in a used bookstore.

These days Luke and I are exploring marriage as well as many other exciting new activities, including but not limited to: biking, cooking, having friends and family, reading, mindfulness and doing push-ups. But as is healthy we also have our independent interests. You will be shocked to know that I spend some free-time sewing. Luke, on the other hand, likes to spend his free-time practicing Parkour and Free Movement.

Recently we did the unthinkable. In honor of a friend's birthday, we took my sewing-mindedness combined with his aforementioned global-mindedness/intriguing-dryhumoredness, creating a quilted card featuring a Maoist Lobster. Luke sketched it and scripted the birthday greeting "Use your birthday for the good of the people". I traced, ironed and sewed it onto the card. Happy Birthday once more Katie!


  1. Wow, I am super impressed. Intrigued by your FB comment I stopped by your blog and I'm so glad I did so I could see the Maoist Lobster.

    Also your love story is truly inspiring :) Fond memories of the SALT house and tea and BBC.