Thursday, March 14

I've had caffeine today.

"I've had caffeine today, so if you want me to shut up you're going to just have to tell me," I commonly warn people.  

I love coffee, but I have to limit myself to drinking it only once or twice a week because caffeine is a drug that sends my heart racing and my brain spinning.  The lethal combination for me is as follows: 1 part coffee, 1 part inspiring craft/homesteading/parenting reading and 1 part sunshine.  This is the trifecta that makes me talk ceaselessly and craft compulsively, and also makes me unable to sit still or make eye contact for longer than at all.  

So friends, you should be warned that I drank coffee AND tea today.  Plus I've been compiling a list of meaningful stuffs I've come across in my internetting (this a verb I just made up, and think is an apt descriptor) lately.  The topics are varied, and I'm not sure whether I agree with every little thing presented in these articles.  But I felt there was enough substance and enough thought-provoking material to share it here in the space.  I hope that something connects with you or inspires you as well!
On becoming a whole-hearted person: Vulnerability is courage.  The ability to show up and be seen in our lives.  -Brene Brown  She also points out that comparing and competing with other people completely stunts creativity. (If you have an hour of time to listen to this entire program I highly, highly recommend it.)

It feels strange and awkward posting a photo like this, but I'm trying my very best to 'show up and be seen ' in my life, and I feel like this is a good way to start.
On choosing to not judge (yourself or others): I gossiped in my teens and into my twenties. I got fired up about other people’s actions and thoughts. It never felt like a good investment, to judge and engage in complaining without proactivity. It made me unhappy. So I stopped. At first it required concentration. And now kindness, always has grown into my every move...So much falls into place when we choose love. And with love comes her sister wives: trust, contentment, optimism, empathy, communication and drive. And those things all twisted together? They move mountains. They heal. -Nici at Dig This Chick

On parenting in a screen-filled world: So the question begs to be asked. If a child learns about social cues, conversation skills, reading body language, and eye contact by interacting with the adults and children around them, what is happening when the children sit around playing on computers and handheld devices all day? -The Knitty Gritty Homestead
On the importance of freedom, creativity and 'tinkering' in childrens' play: There's a sense of learning, resourcefulness and confidence that comes from making or fixing something with your hands, and that really matters.-Dale Dougherty
On alternative methods of schooling:’s about being creative; doing things differently, it’s about community and helping each other. It’s about being happy and healthy among my very best friends.  So I’m starting to think, I know what I might want to do when I grow up, but if you ask me what do I want to be when I grow up? I’ll always know that I want to be happy. -Logan LaPlante
On listening and learning from the natural world: If you knew that every breath you took could save hundreds of lives in the future had you walked down this path of knowledge, wouldn't you run down that path of knowledge as fast as you could? -Paul Stamets

Have an inspirational, life-giving day.  And I'm going to lay off the caffeine, at least until tomorrow.

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