Monday, February 25

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Onesie and reversible booties in honor of a music-loving mama
I thought I'd share a couple of baby gifts that I made on commission last month.  I so loved the look of this musical-themed onesie that I used the same fabric combination (old pillowcase and black linen) for a sandwich-themed one for a little guy named "Reuben".  Neither of these clever little ideas were mine personally, but the buyers were great at communicating what they envisioned and I think the end products are darling.
Embarrassingly enough, I got hungry while sewing this one.  I love me some olives.
Sometimes Wren gets very impatient with all the sewing I sneak in during the day, and other times she is a great source of moral support.  One evening last week I pulled out my needles to do some embroidering on an 'ant' onesie and Wren sidled up to me and said "cool bug!".  This is probably mostly due to the fact that I often fish for compliments and ask her things like "What do you think, Wren?  Is this a cool bug?"   Nonetheless, during one of my (many) trips to the thrift store I decided it's about time Wren got her own 'cool' applique, so I picked up a plain little t-shirt for her.  And her's gets a few of her favorite things: a train and a sun.

"Where's the train, Wren?"  "Ight dair."

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