Wednesday, January 30

expanding markets

Well, I've done it.  It's been a long time coming, complete with a lot of nervousness and plenty of things to figure out along the way, but I have officially opened an Etsy shop!  And yesterday I sold 2 onesies!  Oh yes, it's surely exciting and invigorating to know that complete strangers can find these silly little outfits and like them enough to click the "buy" button.  But in the process of creating and then packaging and then shipping I found myself literally dreaming about embroidery floss and irons last night.

Currently I have very few items listed.  My goal is to get about 5 more things up there by the end of the week.  But in 2 weeks (after the craft sale) I'm planning to throw a bunch of items up on Etsy, so if you have any new babies in your life keep your eyes open!

Ok, that's enough of all that business business.  In other news, the sky is blackened and the rain is relentless at this very moment.  And this crazy warm, stormy weather was preceded by a cold and snowy weekend.  So snowy and icy, in fact, that my date night with Luke almost became a snowball fight with Wren and the snowed-in babysitter.  But luckily we worked up the nerve to drive a few miles down the highway for some Thai food/alone time!

Luke's sister, Mollie, was around for the weekend (our wonderful babysitter!)  So the 3 of us tall people introduced a certain small person to sledding.  Her response shifted from excitement to caution to fear to demanding-lunch-at-the-top-of-her-lungs-on-the-crowded-sledding-hill.  So not necessarily rave reviews, but we'll try again!
Luke and Mollie on our hobo, trash bag "sleds" that worked surprisingly well!

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