Monday, November 26

Wren's Quilt

Wren's quilt is complete!  It cost me 2 1/2 months of time and $0.  Everything about this quilt either comes from my scrap stash or was recycled from hand-me-down garments.  Even the quilt batting was free, since I decided to use an old store-bought twin-size comforter that graced my dorm room through college.
I love this labor of love more than I can say.  It was incredibly fun to create (8 1/2" scrap squares strung together), it lays so weight-ily and coz-ily, and each fabric piece bears its own memory of aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents and great-grandparents and friends.  In my very biased opinion, this thing just emanates love.  And therefore I'm so glad that it will belong to a person who I also love more than I could ever say.

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