Thursday, October 13


One (of the countless) things I love about Wren is that everything is new to her.  First time to the market.  First time to a friend's house.  First time seeing a dog.  First trip to the fair.  First time noticing the sun reflected on water.  First crisp, sunny autumn afternoon on a blanket, under a tree.  Obviously she doesn't really get giddy, but she definitely knows something is up.  Her eyes widen, mouth agape as her head bobs around, taking in as much as her blossoming five senses will allow.  Maybe she is in awe and wonder.  Or maybe she's overstimulated.  Regardless, it's cute, and it's so incredibly fun to watch.

And now, at the risk of appearing an obnoxious rookie mom- here is a dimly lit, poorly focused video of one of Wren's first big laughs:

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