Tuesday, July 19

some business-casual business

Who even knows how much free time I'll have in the next few weeks or months? So I might as well stockpile some gifts while I have time, right? Today I finally had a chance to put together a necktie onesie. These little cuties are rather popular in the online sewing world, and when first I laid eyes on the idea I knew it would become a part of my gift-giving repertoire.

As with my other onesie creations I simply used fusible webbing to iron the necktie to the shirt and then used a zig-zag stitch to secure it. Simple. Quasi-hipster. Quasi-business-casual. Adorable!

I couldn't possibly give a onesie with out the requisite cloth shoes.

And finally, a pair of cloth shoes for our baby too!

Phew! It's been a sewing marathon around here and I think both me and sewing machine need a rest. I'm off to make myself some pb&j which I crave constantly these days. Pregnancy is weird.


  1. I really love the cloth shoes. They are awesome. You can sell them like hotcakes or like Iced Mochas

  2. I love the tie onies! So cute :) You have a real gift.