Sunday, June 5

skirting the issue (this is the obvious pun)

It's June! It's astounding how quickly this spring is progressing! We've been in the new place for 2 months, our garden has already begun to yield delicious things, we recently acquired a charcoal grill for our summer grilling purposes, and I've even spotted my first lightening bugs of the season this week. My favorite thing about June is the long, long daylight hours leading up to June 21st. I'm loving it (at least when the rain clouds disperse and the sun shows its shining face).

When time allows I'm busy finishing up some the baby-related sewing projects I have in mind. Like the crib skirt, for example! I whipped it up a few weeks ago and then took some time to hem it so that it just rests on the floor (at first it was so long that it was bunching/folding up along the carpet). I rather like the functionality of the crib skirt. You can't tell what fun baby things we have stored down there, now can you? That's the point! Hooray!

In an ideal world I think I would have chosen a different colored fabric, or even something with a pattern. The brown kind of looks lifeless to be honest, which is why I added the bit of teal color underneath. But brown was the color I had laying around in large quantities, and even if it doesn't spice up the bedding, it definitely doesn't clash with it, so I'll keep it even though it's not really ideal.

And it will come as no surprise to anyone that I decided to make a pair of these:
to go with this:
Only 5 1/2 weeks until the due date (woah!!). We'll see what other things I have time to sew for the Little Oyster between now and then...

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