Wednesday, February 16

valentines day and lots of love

February 14, 2011 was pretty intense! In brief it included the following:

1. Luke and I found a new apartment that will suit our gardening and baby-coming needs very nicely. We are looking forward to moving in April.
2. My sister gave birth to Cali Love late late Monday night. She's just beautiful and the whole family is doing well. Have no fear, there will be a much more detailed post regarding such festivities in the near future!
3. Our family's golden retriever, Dusty, died at the age of 13. Dusty was one of those dogs that never grew out of puppyhood, and he was very loving in a cuddly, pg-13 sort of way. It will be strange to go to my parents house and not have a big golden furball bombard me at the front door. I'll miss the crazy guy.


  1. Talk about a day of transition!! Thinking of you as you enjoy these new adventures, and savor the old.

  2. PG-13? Sometimes it was a bit more "R".

    Great dog, I'll miss him as well.

  3. congratulations, joy!!! i'm sure i'm way behind the times, but i just found out. woohoo!!!