Tuesday, December 14


Oh my. It really has been quite a while since I've posted or updated or pontificated via blogspot. To be completely honest, few things annoy me more than a blogger who dedicates an entire entry to explaining the vast and varied reasons they've been absent. I completely understand (and support) the fact that people have lives outside of daily postings and occasionally need a break.

BUT, in true hypocritical fashion, I'm going to delineate my own reasons for being mia.com:

1. Since the end of October I have been tired. Like really tired. To the point that when I'm not doing something I ABSOLUTELY have to do, I am laying on the couch or in my bed.

2. For more than a month I have been nauseous. Like really nauseous. To the point where I would rather stare into space and breathe deeply with my nose plugged than even think about eating food (except for macaroni and cheese, which I crave constantly).

3. I haven't sewn for weeks. In fact, the only thing I can be inspired to do is read Harry Potter or watch movies (lots and lots of free movies from the library).

Ok all of you astute people. Are you catching on yet? True, it may sound like I'm just coming out of a desperate era of sickly-ickiness (which is somewhat true). But in addition to being tired, sick, and uninspired, the truth is that I have a wee-one growing within. Yep! Luke and I are with child! Watch out world, because come July there will be another Houck-Bauer up in here!

All that being said, I'm just coming out of the first trimester and beginning to feel much more energetic and inspired, which means there may be a host of posts in the next few weeks.

To get back into the vibe I would like to introduce you to our very first married-people-Christmas-tree. Yep, last year we were lame and opted out of our own tannenbaum (not to be confused with the equally as delightful Tenenbaums). But this December John and Hope generously lent us this 3-foot beauty which graces our living room. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that most nights I sit wrapped in blankets, staring at the tree for hours. How are those little white lights so magical??

My childhood favorite ornament, Flounder with big red lips. I believe Julie has Sebastian.


  1. Congrats!! U are about to discover love like u never knew!!!

  2. Congrats Joy! praying for a healthy baby and mam. your lives will never be the same. enjoy these last few quiet months.And when the day arrives you will find out you never knew you could love someone so much that you just met.... and then they turn 2 and draw all over your walls. But that's why God makes them cute:)