Monday, July 12

Julie Anna Banana

Julie, my adorable little sister, turned 23 last week. After crunching some (very scientific) numbers I've estimated that 5 of those years she spent somewhere between cute and cuddly, followed by 15 years where we oscillated between indispensable playmates and down eachothers' throats (consequently these were also the years I declined to use her actual name and kindly referred to her as "Bubba" instead). And suddenly here we are: approximately 3 years spent as peers and friends, navigating our unique adult experiences and talking/texting/chatting/skyping as circumstances might dictate. We've even added to our numbers with two beautiful sister-in-laws, Hope and Lauren (I guess we can't take all the credit for that though).

As kids our mom would sew us matching dresses every Easter and Christmas, an affair that usually involved a lot of lace and eyelet. So in that spirit I decided to craft a relaxing, summery sunhat for my sister that matches my own tote. I hope she will put it to good use, taking it easy and staying relaxed during her 23rd year amongst whatever gifts and excitement lies ahead...
Comically, I took many pictures of people wearing Julie's sunhat: myself, my brother Josh, his wife Lauren, and even Seung, my manager at work. But none of Julie! Oh well...


  1. i love this blog! Thanks sis for the hat. Even though it doesn't it I still know it matches your purse!

  2. Blah! I clicked on that 4HIM link without any warning!

    I like the shot of Seung!