Wednesday, May 19


Over the past few weeks I've taken a blogging sabbatical in the pursuit of crafting knowledge. As we all know, there are loads of incredible people creating gads of awe-inspiring works, and then generously sharing their expertise via the "interweb". I find myself poring over sites and blogs, gleaning inspiration rather regularly. And in turn I have a lovely (haphazard) list of thoughts, ideas and crafting dreams. And now, through the glory of "cut and paste" and hyperlinks I will impart their genius to you.

1. even food with no nutritional value can redeem itself through art:
My friend/co-worker/wedding photographer/art curator, Lisa, recently drew my attention to Stuff You Can't Have, the blog in which Wonderbread is used as an art medium. Apparently these pieces can last for years without disintegrating or molding. That's awfully convenient for artwork, but awfully disturbing for foodstuffs.

2. child exploitation in the least controversial sense:
I have come across two women who recognize the awesomeness that is childrens art skills, and in turn have created marketable and adorable commodities. Rachel Galloway of Mamma Made Designs will take a child's drawings or sketchings and turn it into bright, trendy and perfectly use-able, sew-able, love-able fabric. I can't express how incredible I think this is. In the same vein, FineLittleDay is a site kept by Elisabeth Dunker, a mother who (among other skills) creates wall paper from her 8 year old son's drawings.

3. on the back burner:
Here are two quilts that I want to make. They make me salivate. Seriously, I think they are delectable.

So there, very briefly, is a cross-section of my thoughts and meanderings as of late. I do have a recently finished commissioned quilt that will make an appearance on the blog very soon. Until then...

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