Monday, February 22


I love the poetry of Hafiz, mostly for his ability to relay very serious or disconcerting realities, in a light way without accusation. His words are invitations to a better way of life, not pressing diatribes. He inspires me to express my own excitement, adventure, experiences and beliefs without judgment or blame or anger. So here is one of my personal favorites, a comfort to me when I feel like daily expectations and activities are draining and a bit unnecessary. Alcoholics Anonymous famously asserts that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. I like to think that's what the fish in this poem is doing: admitting he's just not in the right place and he should probably do something about it.

Dang Thirsty



The fish needs to say,

"Something ain't right about this

Camel ride -

And I'm

Feeling so dang


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